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          Expert Advice on Collagen Supplements in the Philippines

          Expert Advice on Collagen Supplements in the Philippines

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          Studies regarding collagen supplements have become more prominent throughout the years. There have been some relevant results that made collagen supplements even more popular.

          That being said, the majority of the population are still skeptical and unconvinced of what collagen supplements can actually do. If you’re one of those people, then feel free to learn more about collagen supplements in the Philippines here:

          What are Collagen Supplements

          Collagen supplements are basically a powder or a pill that contains collagen from varying sources. These supplements can be used to support the collagen that your body makes on a daily basis.

          Collagen itself is believed to be the “glue” that holds your body together. It’s a type of protein that forms the connective tissue for almost everything found in your body — from your bones all the way to your skin.

          To some, this is just a daily protein boost, but to others, it is important because of all the other health benefits that it provides.

          As mentioned above, your body naturally makes collagen every single day. However, the amount that’s produced slowly dwindles because of an enzyme called collagenase. This breaks down collagen after the age of 25, which is why at this age you start to see fine lines and wrinkles all around the body.

          A more natural way of consuming collagen is to eat food like bone broth and internal organs, which some cultures do so on a regular basis. However, if this is not something that you are willing to do, collagen supplements are probably the most convenient alternative out there.

          Collagen Supplements Explained

          Collagen Supplements Explained

          Collagen supplements provide fibroblasts. These are the cells that produce collagen with the necessary amino acids—namely glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline—in order to continue creating collagen efficiently.

          As of now, the most effective way to deliver these amino acids is through the use of collagen peptides, also referred to as hydrolyzed collagen. Because of the hydrolyzation process, the collagen can be broken down into a smooth powder. This then results in a compound that has a relatively low molecular weight which makes it easy for your bodily system to digest and absorb the amino acids within.

          A concern revolving around collagen supplements is the fact that it can easily be broken down by your stomach acids, dissolving it all before it can even reach the small intestine. Either way, the supplements can still be digested into amino acids and peptides by your small intestine.

          A 2018 study proved that by ingesting collagen in its hydrolyzed form, the level of Hyp-peptides increases in the blood.

          Collagen supplements are effective in providing you with the appropriate amount of collagen that you need to keep your body healthy. But aside from keeping collagen levels relatively balanced, what else can collagen supplements bring?

          Health Benefits of Collagen Supplements

          As one of the most abundant proteins in the human body, collagen can be found in bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. And where it is found, it is needed. Collagen brings structure to your skin and strength to your bones, but that’s not the only health benefits that come from it. A number of studies have concluded several benefits of consuming collagen in your later years.

          That being said, here are some of the most notable health benefits that come from the intake of collagen supplements.

          Skin Health

          It’s no surprise that collagen is one of the major components of human skin. It strengthens it and also supplements its elasticity and hydration. As your body produces less collagen, your skin tends to dry out and wrinkles will start to appear.

          Collagen supplements will help counteract this happening and keep your skin feeling young and healthy.

          In essence, collagen supplements can help slow down the aging of your skin. Several studies have shown that collagen supplements can help slow the aging of the skin by reducing the formation of wrinkles and preventing skin dryness.

          Other studies have resulted in women having more hydrated and elastic skin after taking a collagen supplement for eight weeks.

          Joint Health

          Reduced collagen production results in some of your tendons and ligaments hurting a lot. This sometimes leads to stiffness, swelling, and more problems. Collagen makes up the smooth structure that covers and holds our bones together. The tendons and ligaments that serve as lubricative factors that allow us to move without pain need collagen to stay that way.

          Regular intake of collagen helps your joints move more easily, eventually reducing the pain that comes with aging.

          Studies regarding the effects of collagen on joint health are numerous. A 2006 study even concluded that collagen supplements are an effective treatment for treating osteoarthritis and a number of other joint pains and disorders.

          In summary, taking in collagen supplements has shown significant results in reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen synthesis in the body. This helps relieve joint pains, osteoarthritis, and a few other joint disorders.

          Digestive Tract Health

          A condition more commonly referred to as leaky gut syndrome enables some toxins to pass through your digestive tract, leading to problems time and again. Regular intake of collagen can help out in healing through the condition. In particular, it helps break down proteins and soothes the lining of the gut. It can also repair damaged cell walls.

          Collagen helps you form connective tissue that basically repairs the cell walls by closing up damage and sealing the protective lining. This is important because nowadays, a lot of illnesses can be traced back to an unhealthy digestive tract—usually due to inflammation or irritations.

          Bone Health

          Your bones are mostly made up of collagen. This gives them good structure and overall strength. But it also means that with the decrease of collagen production also comes the deterioration of your bone mass. This can lead to a number of complications such as osteoporosis and other bone illnesses that are characterized by low bone density.

          There are some studies that have shown that collagen supplements may affect your body in a way in which it inhibits bone breakdown.

          That said, because of the lack of more human studies, the effects of collagen on bone health can only be assumed as a potential benefit overall.

          Muscle Health

          Collagen comprises around 1 to 10% of your muscle tissues. It’s one of the more important proteins as it’s necessary to keep your muscles strong and functional.

          A 2015 study suggests that collagen supplements are a big help in boosting muscle mass, particularly in people with sarcopenia — the loss of muscle mass that occurs with age.

          Again, it brings about an increase in muscle mass in another aspect of the same study. A comparative test involving 27 frail men who took 15 grams of collagen while participating in an exercise program for 12 weeks. Those who took collagen gained significantly more muscle mass and strength.

          Although this study concluded in positive relationships between collagen supplements and muscle mass growth, it’s important to truly learn the potential that collagen has in boosting muscle mass.

          Important Points of Interest Regarding Collagen Supplements

          Important Points of Interest Regarding Collagen Supplements

          When it comes to health benefits, collagen supplements in the Philippines are some of the best. It can support skin health, joint health, bone health and so much more. In fact, a lot of people believe that taking collagen supplements has little to no negative side effects to it which makes it a great natural bodily enhancer.

          That being said, it’s important that you don’t just buy and make use of supplements. In fact, it’s much better if you research more about them and even go as far as to consult a doctor before you decide on integrating them into your diet. Here is some significant information that you will need to know about collagen.

          Different Types of Collagen

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          Strength of Research

          There have already been several pieces of research linking collagen supplements to a number of health benefits throughout the years. But the most studied connection as of today is research linking collagen supplements to joint health.

          Numerous studies from the 1990s have linked collagen supplementation with reduced symptoms of arthritis. In recent years there have also been a handful of studies that have shared the same results. One particular study in 2009 resulted in 4 out of 5 osteoarthritis sufferers seeing the pain that they felt reduced by up to 26% with just a daily dose of 40 mg of undenatured type-II collagen.

          Timing of Intake

          It’s believed that by the time you feel that your joints start to ache or your skin starts deteriorating, then you’re already slowing down your collagen production.

          Because of this, it’s highly recommended that you take collagen supplements in your early 20s.

          When it comes to what time of the day you should take it, the choice solely depends on you. The beauty of collagen supplements, specifically the powdered ones, is that you can put it in most of your drinks, be it coffee, shakes, or just water.

          The timing that’s being talked about at this point, however, pertains to the time before the symptoms of low collagen happen. Because once those symptoms start to show, it’s probably already too late.

          Not Vegan-Friendly

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          This means if you’re living a strict vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, you might have no choice but to avoid collagen supplements in the Philippines, despite its many health benefits.

          In particular, here are the most probable forms of collagen supplements that you can eat or drink.

          • Collagen supplements can be found in either powdered form or tablet form. The powdered form offers more versatility as it has a flavorless variety that can be put into your shakes, coffee, milk, and other drinks.
          • While gelatin is a plausible alternative, it’s chemical structure makes it difficult to process. You’ll need very hot water and a specific process to make it edible.
          • Bone broth is probably the most natural way to take collagen simply because it has two ingredients: water and animal bones. Heating up the bones in water causes a sort of soup that is high in collagen.

          Should You Use Collagen Supplements?

          Now that you’re versed in collagen supplements, how will you know if you’re in dire need of it? Taking collagen supplements in the Philippines is all about whether you need it at a particular time. It was mentioned that there’s timing as to when you should take them. But aside from that, what should you take note of as signs that you must take the supplements?

          The first sign should be the presence of the illnesses and problems mentioned above. Be it joint pains, muscle degradation, or skin deterioration, any of these symptoms should be enough of a sign that you might be in need of some collagen supplements.

          Of course, it’s important that you ask your doctor for advice first before you do.

          There are also a few reminders on collagen supplements in the Philippines. Since it’s one of those supplements that can only be extracted from animals, vegetarians or vegans might want to avoid them and search for other alternatives. Also, pregnant women will need to ask their doctor before even considering taking collagen supplements.

          Puritan’s Pride: The Best Source of Collagen Supplements in the Philippines

          If you’re interested in getting collagen supplements or other vitamins for adults, then you’ve come to the right place. Puritan’s Pride is the best distributor of medicinal supplements in the country! We have an incredibly large inventory including collagen supplements!

          Of course, you can also look for other medicinal supplements such as the best vitamin C in the Philippines that you might need from Puritan’s Pride.

          For more information on Puritan Pride’s Collagen and other medicinal supplements that we offer, visit our website! Click here!

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